Important information:

Important Information

Important notes and clarifications for everyone who is planning to attend

Important information

Here are some important notes and clarifications for everyone who is planning to join us at Uluru:   

  • Registrations: Please remember to register which will assist us with hosting you at Uluru with day transport, meals and other logistics. To register, go to Registration and Payment Form.
  • Seminar Costs: This covers your costs to attend the Seminar and Puja from Friday 6th Sept to Monday 9th Sept and includes seminar expenses, day transport, meals and voluntary Puja Dakshina. These funds should be paid in advanace. See Seminar Costs. These Costs do not cover your accommodation at Uluru. See Accommodation below.
  • Accommodation: You need to book and pay for your Accommodation separately. Please book as soon as possible as some options are now fully booked. Go to Accommodation Bookings 
  • Accommodation for children: Children 0 – 5 years can share a bed with a parent. Children 6 years and over, need to have a bed booked for them.
  • Paying for your Accommodation: When you book your Accommodation, we will email you (within 24 hours) the confirmed costs and bank transfer details. Please transfer the amount within 5 days to secure your accommodation. If payment is not received within 5 days we will have to cancel your booking. No reminders will be sent.
  • Room allocation: Due to the large number of yogis attending the seminar, your room allocation will be coordinated by our booking team.
  • Transport at Uluru: If you are hiring a car at Uluru, or bringing your own car, you need to fill out the Transport section of the Registration and Payment Form – otherwise you will be charged for all the pre-arranged bus transport at Uluru. If you haven’t done so already, please complete the Registration and Payment Form
  • When you arrive at Uluru: If you are flying to Uluru, then there’s a free airport shuttle operated by the resort to take everyone to their accommodation. Yogis should be able to go directly to their accommodation as we are providing the Outback Pioneer Lodge and the Campground reception desks with the room allocations for everyone who has booked their accommodation through us. After to have checked into your accommodation, please make your way to our Welcome Desk. See the ‘Arriving at Uluru’ section below.
  • Arriving before or staying after the Seminar: Accommodation covers 4 nights at Uluru from Friday night 6th to Monday night 9th September. If you are arriving at Uluru before or after these dates then you need to arrange your own accommodation. Various accommodation options are available here.
  • Travel to Uluru by Coach: While most Yogis will fly into Uluru, some may like to travel by coach as a cost-effective option and to see the beauty of Australia by road. There are now two coach options available… one coach will be departing from Sydney and the other from Adelaide. See Coach option at Getting to Uluru.
  • Tourist Visas: It can take 2 to 33 days to secure an Australian Tourist Visa. It will depend on the factors such as the peak processing period and completed application form with all the necessary supporting documents …so don’t delay! Contact us if you need a Invitation Letter to apply for the Visa in your country. See Visa details here
  • Working With Children Check (WWCC): Because of Australian Government requirements, Working With Children Check (WWCC) approvals will need to be provided for all attendees over 18 years at the time of registration. International guests must complete the ‘Working With Children Check’ (WWCC) Advice Form‘.

Important seminar links

Attendance at Seminar

Attendance at Seminar 

We all understand that we are representing Sahaja Yoga during this Seminar and that we are holding this Seminar at a private resort which has many management rules. By registering for this Seminar, you accept that you will follow the reasonable directions provided by Australian Sahaja Yoga Councillors, by Yulara resort staff and National Park staff.  The national park rules stipulate that visitors must stay on the designated paths when walking around Uluru and the Olgas. We are not allowed to sit anywhere we want and meditate. Such actions can result in the national park rangers cancelling your ticket to the National Park. If we all follow the simple directions from Councillors and the Puja Seminar Team, it will all work out as Her Holiness Shri Mataji is the Doer.

What to bring to the Seminar

What to bring to the Seminar

With less than three weeks till we touch down on the red earth of Central Australia, we offer the first in our series of ‘Tips and Suggestions’ starting below with:

What to pack

  • Puja Clothes – we will need suitable attire for three Pujas.
  • Small Mat to sit on (one you can carry with you) – the red earth is lovely but maybe you don’t want all your clothing red (we will sit on the earth quite a lot!).
  • Refillable water bottle.
  • Comfortable walking shoes.
  • Sun Hat or umbrella.
  • Fly net for your face, that could hang from your hat (corks hanging from your hat brim is traditional but not seen much these days).
  • Sunscreen cream +50.
  • Insect repellent. 
  • Snacks (if there is something you can’t do without).

Pack for the weather

  • Average temperature range next Sunday will be 5 deg at night to 27 deg daytime The wind is predicted that day to be 28 kph (Site visit to Kata Juta ‘Valley of the Winds’ will be windy). See current and forecast weather for Uluru.
  • For the early mornings – Layer up with warm jacket (wind proof) on top of short sleeves for later in the day.
  • Thick socks, scarf and warm hat.
  • Day bag to fit your discarded layers and packed lunch. 
  • Shawls are always very convenient.
  • If you are staying in the Tent Camping ground accommodation, you will need a sleeping bag and a mat to sleep on.
  • If you are staying in the Lodge accommodation – rooms are air conditioned and bedding and towels are provided.


Here is a checklist to make sure you are ready to attend the Seminar. Please click on the checklist item links for more information.

  1. Completed the Seminar Registration Form 
  2. Pay registration cost and include your registration reference number.
  3. Booked and confirmed accommodation.
  4. Let us know your dietary restrictions as part of the Seminar Registration Form
  5. Food Handling Induction.
  6. Child Protection Induction.
  7. Consider whether to get Travel Insurance.
  8. Complete the Entertainment registration form. if you plan to present an item.

If you have ticked all the boxes, you are ready for the Seminar. All you have to do is pack your bag!

Arriving at Uluru

Arriving at Uluru

On arrival at Uluru, take the shuttle bus to your accommodation (10 mins drive) check-in and keep your bags in your room. Take a short walk to the Ballrooms next to the Sails Hotel.  Find us at the Welcome Desk in the smaller Ballroom, where you can:

  • Finish your Registration, in case you haven’t done so already.
  • Pick up your Welcome Pack.
  • Pick up your meals wristband.
  • Find out about the Seminar schedule.
  • For Australians: provide your Working with Children Check, or equivalent (if not already provided, then you need to bring your Card).
  • For International Guest: please ensure you have completed the ‘Working With Children Check’ (WWCC) Advice Form‘.