Registration & Payment Form

Seminar Registration & Payment Form

Seminar and Puja from Friday 6th to Tuesday (Breakfast) 10th September 2019.

Please read these important notes before proceeding with completing the form …there’s a lot of useful information that will help you!

  • This form is completed in two steps –  “Step 1: Details” and “Step 2: Registration & Amount Payable”. You can switch between the Steps to check your information but you cannot save the form to be completed later. You need to complete and submit form in one session.
  • The form will assist you to determine your registration costs and any discounts for meals and transport that may not be required plus advise us of any transport and dietary requirements.
  • Registration Costs cover seminar expenses, Dakshina, meals, snacks and refreshments, transport for day trips, national park entrance fees etc. It does not cover your accommodation at Uluru. If you still need to book your accommodation please see our Accommodation page.
  • There are no partial day options. You will need to pay for the whole duration (as above dates) even if you come for one or two days.
  • Puja Dakshina is also included within the costs. This offering of Dakshina covers offerings to Shri Mataji being Puja costs such as flowers, gifts to the goddess, saris, etc. as well as related logistics such as puja hall hire, audio-visual costs, transport of Puja materials from Sydney and Adelaide to Uluru, etc.
  • If you are hiring a car at Uluru or bringing your own car for the whole seminar (from Friday 6th to Monday 9th Sept) then all Yogis in your registration group that use your car can apply for a Transport discount in Step 2 of your registration below. Discount also covers the need for you to purchase your own National Park pass. See here to purchase the National Park pass for your vehicle.
  • If you are coming to Uluru by the Sahaja Yoga bus from Sydney or Adelaide then you can apply for a Transport discount in Step 2 of your registration below.
  • Registration covers all meals from Friday 6th to Tuesday breakfast 10th September. If you do not require any meals from Friday (prior to dinner), Monday or Tuesday then you can apply for a Meals discount in Step 2 of your registration below.
  • Costs are in Australian Dollars (AUD). Summary of the seminar costs and discounts are available here.
  • We are requesting Yogis to pay in advance for their registration before arriving at the Seminar in Uluru.
  • The amount payable will be calculated for you at the end of the form, in Step 2. After you have submitted the form, you will receive a confirmation email with the details you entered, a reference number plus instructions for how to make your payment.