Sightseeing around Australia

Sightseeing around Australia

Yogis wishing to travel around Australia before or after the Seminar are invited to meet and stay with our Sahaja Yoga collectives.

Visiting Sydney

If you are visiting Sydney then you are welcome to visit HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi’s Ashram in Burwood Sydney. Shri Mataji has stayed many times at Burwood Ashram where Her Divine soothing Vibrations emit Her love to everyone who lives and visits Her Home.

Yogis arriving at Sydney Airport are requested to make their way to Burwood Ashram. See below for information on how to get to Burwood Ashram. If you need assistance to get to Burwood Ashram then contact the Transport Team below.

How to get to Burwood Ashram

When you arrive in Sydney, please make your way to Shri Mataji’s Home at Burwood Ashram where you can have a footsoak and rest. Burwood Ashram is located at 10 Clarence St Burwood Sydney. Approximately 15 kms from Sydney Airport. (See Google map).


Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Burwood Centre

Public Transport Options

Here are some options on how to get to Burwood Ashram from the Sydney Domestic and International Airports.

The address to Burwood Ashram is 10 Clarence Street Burwood.

By Taxi:
When you are ready to leave Sydney Airport,  book a Taxi with “13cabs” using their App or Online booking form or call them on 13 2227. When you have booked the taxi, proceed to the Priority Pickup area and wait for your taxi. The driver will message you when they are approaching.

If you have a lot of luggage consider booking a Station Wagon or a Maxi Taxi if your have a large group.

13cabs Online Booking Form

Book with the 13cabs app

Call 13cabs on 13 2227

13cabs’ Fare Estimator

Other options:

  • By Train: After arrival in Sydney airport, walk to Platform 1 of the Airport Station.  Take a train to Central Station. At Central Station go to Platform 18 and catch a train to Burwood Station. From Burwood Station it is a short 7-minute walk or call the transport team below for pickup from Burwood Station. See more about Airport trains.
  • By Bus: From the International and Domestic terminals catch the number 420 Bus service. This bus service runs from Sydney International and Sydney Domestic terminals to BURWOOD. Bus Route is shown as 420 – Burwood, This bus will take approximately 60 to 55 minutes depending upon traffic from International terminal and approximately 55 to 53 minutes from domestic terminal. Please get down at Burwood Railway Station stop or the very last stop – Burwood Westfield Shopping Centre. Burwood Station is a short 7-minute walk to 10 Clarence Street where Burwood Ashram is located or call the transport team below for pickup from Burwood Station / Burwood Westfield. (See Google map).
  • Uber: If you’re familiar with the Uber service, then use your Uber App to book a car to take you to Burwood Ashram. See more about Uber.

Transport team

If you need any assistance please contact these Sydney yogis:



Our local time in Sydney is: