One feels so small and the Divine so large

Jai Shri Mataji!

Reflections upon the pilgrimage to ULURU for Shri MahaGanesha Puja

Since Shri Mataji first asked Her children to worship Shri MahaGanesha at ULURU, there has been a pure desire within the collective that in humility that we would seek to fulfill that wish and to travel to ULURU as a collective to offer the Sahaja sacred rites of Puja and worship to Shri Mataji and to Shri MahaGanesha at ULURU.

It was our sincere hope that this Puja be offered as a spiritual pilgrimage and would fulfill the obligation given to Shri Mataji, given long ago.

The hosting of the Puja was offered to the Yogis of the world with sincere hospitality and an overwhelming spirit of true brotherhood and graciousness.

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Sincere and true brotherhood was felt and experienced by the Yogis of the Sahaja world. Many Yogis from around the world came to take part and shared with us that it was one of the best journeys of their lifetime and felt somehow that they were called to come by Shri Mataji. Once they said “yes”, they would come. Through the grace and blessings of Shri Mataji, everything was made easy for them to come and to accept Shri Mataji’s invitation.

As we began the journey for Shri MahaGanesha Puja there was just sheer excitement. A combination of expectation and a heightened sense of euphoria that finally we were going to offer this Puja at ULURU. Our preparations and the anticipation of what was to come still had not prepared us for what would literally be one the most wondrous and significant Sahaja experience of our life as part of our lived Sahaj religion.

Nowhere in the world are there the three sacred Swayambhus revealed upon the Earth in this way with Shri Gauri, Shri Shiva and Shri Ganesha all manifest at the same place, time and proximity. Here we had gathered and before these sacred sites we gathered, and we worshipped together as one. Standing before ULURU at the time of offering Shri MahaGanesha Puja at the place of Shri Ganesha. One feels so small and the Divine so large.

Swayambhus at Uluru

Within our hearts are clean and the feeling that we have finally come home. A feeling that felt so surreal. As Mecca is the object of the religious pilgrimage for Islam perhaps undertaking this journey can become one of the sacred pilgrimages observed by Sahaja Yogis once in their life.

We were not sure how we would feel when we all stood before the ULURU holding our hands out before this sacred site after answering the call to offer Puja at ULURU.  A complete yet glorious feeling filled the heart and happened once we gathered together to worship Shri Ganesh.

We were all in a state of amazement, filled with joy and a surreal sense of peace. Waves of tourists overtook us, but we seemed not to notice or to be in a different state of being. Our eyes open to see Our Lord Shri Ganesha standing there before us and deep within the feeling that we are here at the calling and at the service of Our Divine Mother. We were all together there upon the red soil of ULURU. Above all it was beautiful and moving beyond any imagining.

Here together as a collective we felt a close communion. We were all sons and daughters of Shri Adi Shakti and we rejoiced in each of the great steps that we made together that day as we journeyed around the base of ULURU as pilgrims together.  The young and the old alike, together as one.

Our prayers and mantras expressed what other words never could. We felt such joy that our hearts were filled and were wiped clean by the wings of angels. For what was an intensely personal spiritual journey we prayed for eternal joy, both for ourselves and for the world.

Considering all the history in this same spot, the footsteps of so many proud indigenous people of Australia who had travelled by foot over great distances for over 40,000 years to worship at this sacred place.  Now Sahaja Yogis had come to stand in the same place where many before them had stood to offer mantra, prayers and worship  All around,  Yogis and Yoginis were deep in meditation,   earnestly and humbly praying for the qualities of Shri Ganesha to be awakened for the  betterment of Shri Mataji’s creation.

ULURU is the centre of the Mooladhara of the Universe.  A holy and sacred place of unity and spiritual meaning for all Sahaja Yogis irrespective of background or race. We felt incredibly blessed to be finally be here together. The incredible diversity of people journeying far and wide from all corners of the Sahaja world was itself a sight to behold. Many came with little other than unyielding determination of what to expect in a region in the centre of the Australia 3,000 kilometres from most major cities.

A beautiful collective atmosphere was created as an expression of our shared aspiration with everyone sharing their spiritual aspirations and hope for their personal and collective evolution as the day to day concerns from home felt so far away. The journey was a pilgrimage where one is never alone, someone was always there to offer a helping hand, a cold drink of water, encouragement and a smile.

During our collective time at ULURU there was such a beautiful sense of Sahaja collectivity in its truest form. Any semblance of human conditioning and ego incompatible with what we as a Sahaja collective was striving for. A collective betterment and the worship of Shri Ganesha and Shri Mataji in the pursuit of our deepest held spirituality aspirations.

There are many tests in life and even to attend this Puja, each Yogis experienced that the path which had brought them there was unique and special.

Ultimately our surrender and faith to the Param Chaitanya is the path of our evolution and this pilgrimage powerfully manifested the will of the Param Chaitanya.

To be present at ULURU for Shri MahaGanesha Puja and to perform the Sahaja protocols of the three Pujas which were offered meant that our connection to Shri Mataji grew stronger and stronger. The journey itself was inspiring, but ultimately it is about bringing about the spiritual change and enlightenment that is so much in need in the world today and in our personal lives. We return home irrevocably changed.

Ultimately is it about one’s personal relationship with the Divine and experiencing Shri Mataji’s Love. Where all human concerns are forgotten when experiencing this reality and of the communion with Shri Mataji at the place of the Mooladhara of the Universe.

Shri Ganesha is the great magnet within, leading us home and reminds us to live our life so that our inner compass should always and forever point towards the Almighty Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, and to Her alone.

Sincerely Chris – Australia