Optional Tour of Mt Conner Fri 6th Sept 2019

Optional Tour of Mount Conner – $200 per person
Friday 6th September, 2pm – 6pm

Dear Yogis,

Jai Shri Mataji!

We have arranged an optional chartered tour of Mount Conner at an additional cost of $200 per person on the afternoon of Friday 6th September.

The Seminar itself incorporates visits to all 3 Swayambhus – Uluru, Olgas and Mount Conner.

However, Mount Conner (Shri Shiva Swayambhu) is located on a private cattle station approximately 100 kilometres from where we are staying at Yulara.

Mount Conner

Visit to Mount Conner as part of Registration 

On Friday 6th September afternoon (after lunch) in our buses, we will drive to a place on the main sealed road (Mt Conner Lookout) where we can view Mount Conner (about 1 hours drive). We will have a Collective meditation there. This place is about 20 kilometres from the base of Mount Conner. 

This trip is covered in the transport registration (Yogis in private cars can drive to the same place). 

Optional private chartered tour of Mount Conner – $200 per person 

Yogis can choose to pay an additional $200 per person (including children) for a private tour (just Yogis and tour operators) on the cattle station that takes you within 1 kilometre of Mount Conner. 

This tour is only arranged by one company through the cattle station.  This tour will depart around 2pm on Friday 6th September from Curtin Springs cattle station and arrive back at the Curtin Springs Station at around 5:30pm at a cost of $200 per person including children  (this is an additional cost to accommodation, transport and registration costs). We will transport you to Curtin Springs in our buses.

There will be an arranged time for meditation as part of the Tour. The 4WD buses can accommodate 70 people. If demand for this tour is higher than 70 Yogis we will arrange another tour on Friday morning.

This tour has been arranged specifically for us as a private group and includes snacks. The company runs tours which are 7 hours for the public at $175 per person and this includes a 3 course meal at Curtin Springs Station or $135 without a meal. You are welcome to book on the public tour if you wish but there will be people drinking alcohol.

If you are keen to go on this optional tour of Mount Conner can you please email the SEIT Charter Tour company at [email protected] and cc [email protected] so we can keep track of numbers.

You then pay the SEIT Tour company directly. 

Each person can pay separately over the phone with credit card. To pay, please provide the reference number #RHF1X0D and call  Within Australia: (08) 8956 3156 or International: +61 8 8956 3156.

More about the SEIT company’s tour of Mount Conner is on their website.

Questions about the optional Mt Conner tour

If you have any specific queries, you can always call Sarah from the SEIT tour company directly on Within Australia: 0458 130 058 or or International: +61 458 130 058.

We are looking forward to seeing all our brothers and sisters at Uluru in 3 weeks time!

Lyn, Andre and the Shri MahaGanesha Puja team