Pujas of this level have a great spiritual potency

Jai Shri Mataji!

Dear Yogis,

Hope you are doing well, and we have all taken rest following this major event and milestone with the hosting of the Puja. A few Yogis in Sydney said that they feel that they missed out. Were we going back next year? I said next year was very unlikely, but one day.

I am sure you have all also felt the incredible and profound spiritual effects of the Shri MahaGanesha Puja. It will soon be three weeks since we offered this Puja and the spiritual lift in vibrations within our being is significant. The depth of our meditation and the joy felt in the heart has not diminished.

Pujas of this level have a great spiritual potency and we find we are moved deeply, and the effects are more long lasting. The collective experiences of Shri MahaGanesha Puja have been profound. At every level without being, the Deities are excited that we offered this worship to Shri Mataji at ULURU. This being our fundamental offering as devotees as an act of affirmation, surrender, worship, and acknowledgement of the greatness of Shri Adi Shakti and our devotion and dedication to Our Mother.

Meditations feel both deeper and easier as something collectively has shifted and changed. Subtly, the inner eternal silence is in many ways more profound. Our connection and communion at the Sahasrara with Shri Mataji is deeper and more intense. Collectively, we have travelled to the place of Our Lord Shri Ganesha and offered Sahaja Puja and in that offering we have touched the eternal infinite depth and silence of the Mooladhara of the Universe. Through the offering of Shri MahaGanesha Puja, we seem to have been changed by it.

Shri Mataji said of this Puja that it was of the level of the Virata and that new powers of awareness would be awakened deep within the Mooladhara. Perhaps this is what we have been experiencing for there has been a profound shift and leap of our inner evolution.

I have just completed the video of the event “Shri MahaGanesha Puja our scared Sahaja pilgrimage to ULURU”, Hope you all find something to enjoy.

Sincerely Chris, Australia