Sharing Seminar stories & A Big Thank You!

Dear Yogis,

Jai Shri Mataji!

Share Your Experience 

We would love for Yogis to share any stories and photos from the Shri MahaGanesha Puja with the Collective.

You can upload your information to our website to start sharing! See link below

Yogis who couldn’t attend the seminar but watched the live stream from Uluru are also kindly invited to share their stories

Some Yogis have already shared their stories and photos. Read Yogis’ experiences.

A big Thank You!

The Shri MahaGanesha Puja Seminar was an example of how amazing all our brothers and sisters are!  As instruments of Shri Mataji, Yogis have worked together so well to make the Seminar so enjoyable and significant!

We are really fortunate to belong to such a dynamic and dedicated Collective!

We expressed our thanks at the Seminar but we again just wanted to sincerely recognise the role of so many Yogis who serve Shri Mataji in so many ways. We won’t name all the names as we would undoubtedly miss someone out but we all know who you are! 

We recognise all the Collectives who arranged to bring Shri Mataji’s jewellery and silver to the centre of Australia. A big thank you to the Adelaide Collective’s huge efforts to bring breakfast supplies for us all, flowers for the first day and then set up Shri Mataji’s altar immediately after 2 full days on a bus trip! Also to the Sydney Collective for packing (and unpacking) so much for the Seminar on the bus, including the rest of the flowers, and Shri Mataji’s Chair – the beauty of the flowers throughout the Seminar was truly amazing! 

To those Yogis who arranged the backdrop and photos of Shri Mataji a big thank you! It was so wonderful to have creative contributions from across Australia and New Zealand! 

To the Yogis who helped with breakfast arrangements every day –  thank you!!

To those who helped with arrangements for registration,  web streaming, setups for the evenings, and of course accommodation – thank you!!

To all those who assisted with every part of the Seminar – a BIG thank you !! The joy of being just a small part of this huge undertaking was felt by so many. 

We cannot begin to understand what Shri Mataji has worked out through this Puja. We simply and humbly offer our devotion and prayers to the Almighty Goddess with our promise to assume our positions and spread Sahaja Yoga. 

All our Love and gratitude
Lyn and Andre on behalf of the Australian Council and the Shri MahaGanesha team