“Miracle” photos from Havan

May Shri Mataji be always with us!

I got my Realisation many years ago, my life got me through many experiences but this Seminar was one of the highlights of my Sahaj life, comparable with meeting Shri Mataji in person.

Just before I left New Zealand for Uluru, I listened to a talk by Shri Mataji who said that we worship Her in two ways: with water and with fire. This thought came back to me after the Havan on the Saturday evening. We have done four pujas, the same number like the petals of Mooladhara and Shri Ganesha’s arms.

Uncle David shared his story in the extended previous testimony, so I won’t go back but he did mention some “Miracle” photos that involved me. (See David’s story)

Just to clarify two things:

First, I have no direct contribution in taking the pictures. Sahaj from Adelaide took them with my camera at my request because I was asked to join the offering team at the Havan.

Second, at a closer view by a professions photographer, who is also a Sahaja Yogi, he said that those are not miracle photos at all.

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We had a long chat about that and in the end, I could not be 100% sure. Obviously, our sense of vibrations is not perfect. We just ask ourselves, what is a miracle; in the end, all life is a miracle. Any “normal” picture is a miracle.

So dear Sahaja Yogis, enjoy these pictures no matter what.

Looking forward for more international pujas in the Holy Land of Shri Ganesha.

With brotherly love,
Daniel – New Zealand

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