There were 400 of us – from different parts of the world!


Thank you so much for a very auspicious time celebrating Shri MahaGanesha Puja at lovely Ayer’s Rock – Uluru.

There were 400 of us – from different parts of the world! Your Sahaja Yoga children – attending three beautiful Pujas and a Havan. We were also able to visit collectively three precious “Swayambhus”, and hold a Puja for each one, on consecutive nights. Actually, on the day of the first Puja – to Shri Ganesha Gauri, we visited the three beautiful Swayambhus. Uluru represents Shri Ganesha, The Olgas (Kata Tjuta) are Shri Devi’s place of abode, and Mount Conner is Shri Siva’s residence. It is an hour and a half drive South of Uluru, where there is a “viewing” area. (Mt.Conner is on private land.) The Holiness flowing from these sacred places is phenomenal.The journeys to and from these wonderful sites were so moving…as Yogis fell into silent bliss.

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At Uluru many walked to “The Water Hole”, which had lovely cool vibrations, and was very peaceful and secluded. Then many silently glided to a place where we could put our heads against the base of the “rock”- so holy! Many continued walking for half an hour, or so – taking in the vibrations.

At Kata Tjuta, we quietly walked around – most in Nirvichara and deep respect at Our Mother’s special place. It seemed there were more “domes” than Uluru: it does look more like feminine royalty and Divinity. At Mount Conner from Yulara – the “town” where most people stay, – it is over an hour’s drive to the road-side lookout. You are then 10kms away. There is a huge white dried-up lake above the lookout.

The Puja room at the huge Conference Centre, and the adjacent even bigger dining room, were lovely venues, for such holy enterprises. These rooms are very majestic, with wonderful lofty ceilings. The organising arrangements and decoration were outstanding: Thankyou Holy Mother!!! There were wonderful backdrops for each Puja and the Havan, plus beautiful lighting…. New Zealand were kindly invited to participate in “Set-up” and Puja. Dear John asked Julie to sing with Music Of Joy ladies, and Chris was asked to play the guitar with the microphone….Sobik was key in Puja activities, and in The Havan. – What a blessing…we were also asked to perform some Bhajans- which were very well received!  The whole atmosphere was extremely holy and joyous, particularly at Puja & Havan, but also – the whole time!

Accommodation was arranged at three main sites at Yulara Village. Some were in units at “The Camping Ground”, while many of us were in accommodation at “The Outback Pioneer Lodge”. Still others were roomed at the Conference Centre. Trisha & David Sharp had booked to fly to Adelaide, from Auckland, and join the bus going up to Uluru , with the South Australians. There were several Yogis from Western Australia, and Jason from Sydney on our bus, which Maria had organized, and Sue had supported her. We were all so well looked after…Trisha & David were really spoilt by Greg and Sangheeta Noone – being picked up at the Airport, and given a room. We all left early Wednesday, with 28 Yogis for the 2-day drive to Uluru – approximately 1,600kms. We had an overnight stay in Coober Pedy (the Opal town – with far too many “diggings” visible). We again left early Thursday for the journey to Yulara township near Uluru, arriving at 4.45 pm. Our  bus driver – Ben – is a very dharmic person. He had his young Phillipino wife and two lovely young children on board. Kind words were spoken to Ben, as he had several questions to ask.

For the next 5 days, there were 5.15am meditations, followed by journeys to view the sun rising at Uluru and The Olgas. Breakfast was served at Uluru, the first two days. Then at the Conference Centre on Sunday – the day of MahaGanesha Puja. We had dinner at the Conference Centre after Puja. Then “entertainment” in the evening. The young people from Melbourne sang some bhajans for us. Little Gauri from New Zealand did a couple of dances- very skilful & beautiful. New Zealand were asked to sing some Bhajans: this was very well received.

We all endeavoured to circumnavigate Uluru on Saturday. This can take up to 4 hours! But time has no meaning here! On Monday, many of us had an extensive walk in The Olgas. I went to view “The Valley of The Winds” – a difficult walk of about 2 hours.

Havan was held at The Amphitheatre – a marvellous venue. There were grass areas and a stage, behind which were several rows of tiered seats. Also there were two large screens – one on each side, where we saw Our Mother addressing the Yogis.

Shri Siva Puja was held after the Havan. Some “miracle” pictures were taken. Daniel from NZ was asked to represent NZ. He asked Sahaj from Adelaide to look after his Camera: the result was 5 “Miracle” pictures- with beautiful lights displayed. (See Daniel’s story and photos)

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There was some “entertainment” after Shri Shiva Puja. Next day,  Sunday, was the big day – the MahaGanesha Puja. There was a journey out to The Olgas, after morning meditation at the Conference Centre. The Public Program followed – John Smiley leading a beautiful Program, and Lynn Vasudeva giving a wonderful straightforward Self Realisation. John led the many singers in a lovely holy serenade at the Program. The Vibrations were just tremendous

How lucky we all are! There is so much joy and love: Our Beautiful Mother is all Joy and Love, and is indeed The SOURCE of this…perfection. Let us all listen very carefully to Her words, and thank Her by every means possible. Yes, love Her to the absolute maximum, in eternity…

Thank you, Holy Mother- it was a wonderful time.

With much love, David Sharp, New Zealand. WE ARE ALL ONE!!!

Congratulations and thank you to all Australian leaders and Yogis who had a part in arranging, organising and supporting this Divine event.

J A I      S H R I     M A T A J I   ! ! !